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  • Where to Start

    Welcome to the World of YOUMAXA! If you're reading this, odds are pretty good what you are doing right now either isn't working or could be working better. You know you can do and be more. You are not willing to settle and are ready to step above the crowd. You certainly aren't afraid of work.
  • Why POSITIVE INPUT Premium Protein is the Solution for You

    How many times a day do you make choices about what to eat? Take a quick guess: is it 3, 5, 10? Consider there’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, with maybe a few snacks in between. Surprisingly, scientists say that each of us makes more than 200 choices about our food every day! Most of us busy entrepreneurs and professionals are perpetually running from meeting to meeting, phone call to phone call and text to text. Our bodies have been conditioned to stay in a state of constant distraction and decision fatigue, especially when it comes to deciding when and what to eat.