Mornings are busy and there's a lot to get done.  There's barely enough time to get dressed, let alone sit down for breakfast.  Positive Input® plant-based protein powder was created so that you can satisfy the growl in your stomach quickly and beat the morning rush.  We made it with non-GMO, sustainable plants grown in North America and combined without using any chemical processes. Best of all, there's no sugar, dairy or gluten and it tastes great!

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  • All Day Energy
  • Sustained Focus
  • No Sugar Crash
  • Fast Fuel
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What People Are Saying About YOUMAXA® Products

Michael Melfi

Great Product

I have enjoyed the Youmaxa Positive Input Protein for the last few months - the product has been a great addition to my daily...

Kristin Wilkinson

Tastes great and blends well!!

I have had as a protein shake, using a scoop in my coffee daily to get me going. I love the smell!!!

Cody Melton

Exellent product

Love the product! Great taste and exceptional results in boost for your day! Brain power is essential for my day, and...

Mohamed Abdulghani

Best nutritions to have in the morning in one cup

As a young professional, breakfast is the hardest meal of the day to eat healthily. The time constraint of the morning used


Best protein shake ever!

Before Youmaxa, I used to dread drinking protein shakes. This is honestly the best tasting shake I have ever had...

Christopher Micheal

My energy has never been better!

I have been using this shake for 30 days now and my energy has never been better.I really love the flavor and it mixes...

Dr. Omar Salameh

Best protein shake ever for a hustler

Great protien shake with great taste.if your super busy and spend your day running back and forth and always end up...