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YOUMAXA® is a Sleep Improvement Company. 

We Believe

When you sleep better, you are a better thinker, a better decision maker, a better leader, a better spouse, a better parent, and a better friend. 

Our Mission

To provide science backed content, professional quality supplements along with personal and corporate level training to individuals and companies seeking improved energy, wellness, mental clarity, mood and quality of life. 

How Sleep Improves Your Life

When you fall asleep quicker and stay asleep, you  wake up refreshed and energized – You become unstoppable. Sleep impacts everything in your life. That’s why sleep coaches are at the forefront of today’s health and personal success revolution. 

Your sleep is unique. A sleep coach equips you with personalized strategies, techniques, and tools that are right for your unique needs. By guiding you through lifestyle and behavior modifications that promote superior, restful sleep, you achieve your personal and professional goals. A great day starts with a great night of sleep.


 YOUMAXA® is changing the way people and companies think about sleep. Are you up for a game-changing conversation about the value of sleep?

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Whether you’re looking for a newer path to health and wellness, developing your team and leaders, or just seeking a thought-provoking coaching session to improve your life, we can help.

About Our Founder


Our founder, Dr. Mazen Baisa, PharmD is a highly sought after national health expert, speaker and trainer. Mazen is a Doctor of Pharmacy and  Certified Sleep Coach. In addition to his expertise in holistic, and science based sleep coaching, he has received certification from the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners, The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, as well as completed a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine.

He is also a Taekwondo Master and holds a 4th degree black belt.

Mazen believes that when you get your sleep right, you get your day right. 



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