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If you're reading this, odds are pretty good that what you are doing right now either isn't working or could be working better. You know you can do and be more. You are not willing to settle and are ready to step above the crowd. You certainly aren't afraid of work. Here is a fundamental truth: You just can't keep working harder to increase your productivity. In fact, at some point, working harder becomes counterproductive. YOUMAXA's founder Mazen Baisa discovered this in his personal journey. (If you have yet to read his full story, you can do so here.) In short, Mazen learned that while he was successful on a balance sheet, his life was out of balance in almost every other way. He discovered that if you don't take the right path to a Maximal Life, it can lead to frustration, a loss of energy, personal relationship issues, and a lack of focus on what's truly important in life. It ultimately led to his founding of YOUMAXA, a network of people, programs, systems, and products to help improve focus, energy, and productivity. It was designed for those proactively in search of real success through increased productivity. People just like you.

Success in all areas of life

First and foremost, YOUMAXA serves people who are driven to be successful in all areas of their life. People that want to lead the Maximal Life, enjoy the fruits of their labors with energy, enthusiasm, and renewed zest. Sure, we're hard workers, but we understand that sheer effort alone has its limits. It must be enhanced with the right tools, nutrition, and support. Like a finely-tuned athlete, our body, mind, and spirit must work in rhythm. YOUMAXA has done the work for you. We passionately research, design and create proven strategies and solutions that will guide you toward increased productivity, endurance and comfort. These innovative tools are developed with both the cutting-edge science and tried and true principles of the ages. With access to powerful, practical and productivity enhancing solutions with protein and nutritional supplements, you can change your life. These are products designed to restore your physical and mental energy, increase focus and endurance, and help you attain deeper, more valuable, and restorative sleep.

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We get it. We’re human. And that is why we created YOUMAXA to fit right into your life without you spending endless hours following instructions, switching your life around to convince others and yourself, “This time, I’m going to stick with it.” Welcome to the state of peak productivity through healthy habits with YOUMAXA! In our inner circle, you’ll get access to highly insightful and practical blogs, videos, podcasts and print outs. You’ll also get to up level your life with world class tools and products. After several years of research and real life experience,  we have found the top 7 healthy habits for maximum productivity:

When you join the YOUMAXA inner circle, you'll learn to recognize the unmistakable connection between your health and your wealth. And, you will no longer have to trade one for the other. We'll help you maximize both!

Fuel your brain and body to perform at its’ maximum. Your food inputs determine your performance outputs. Discover the power of YOUMAXA’s products like Positive Input and Willpower Master.

Improve clarity and focus and manage stress better at work with YOUMAXA’s YOU GOT THIS drops and Cognitive Cream.

Cruise through your afternoons with the renewed and lasting energy from YOUMAXA’s Positive Input and YOU GOT THIS drops.

Work-related stress can lead to exhaustion, trouble winding down and poor sleep. Experience the benefits of YOUMAXA’s Melatonin Liquid and Relaxation Formula to help ease tension and get you sleeping faster and deeper, tonight.

Time is today's most valuable currency and YOUMAXA helps you make the most of yours with the practical and doable tactics in the TIMEMAKER and MAXA MINUTES programs.

Discover the powerful connection between the mind and body. Seize the science and strategies in the TIMEMAKER and MAXA MINUTES programs to help you reach new levels of success and life satisfaction.

Discover the powerful connection between the mind and body. Seize the science and strategies in the TIMEMAKER and MAXA MINUTES programs to help you reach new levels of success and life satisfaction.

So, here we are. It's go time. Time to make a decision and take the next step — will you continue to struggle with exhaustion, keep fighting yourself to work harder and accept less than peak productivity? Or will you step above the crowd and join our inner circle of Maximal Achievers, people just like you who are success-focused individuals in search of higher productivity, health, wealth and happiness? Where will you be and how will you feel in three months? Six months? A year from now? What are you going to do to get there? Let's do this together!  Click here and hold on for a whole new level of success and the path to your Maximal Life!

Are you ready to play at your personal best all day…

And then come home to your loved ones feeling purposeful, positive and present?
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