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 YOUMAXA Postive Input Premium Protein Shake

Have sustained energy release for peak performance with 22 grams of plant-based protein per serving, sourced from Peas, Chia Seeds and Sacha Inchi Seeds.

Adapt to different levels of energy demands and deal with stress by balancing hormones and reducing cortisol; all this with the king of herbs - Ashwagandha.

Enjoy sustained, lasting, unstoppable energy with the crucial energy manager at the cellular level, D-Ribose.

Fight against the constant attack by free radicals with antioxidants from Green Tea.

Optimize gut health and improve immunity with the critical amino acid L-Glutamine.

Improve digestion with the all-important Fibers.

Relish the deliciousness with natural sweeteners such as Stevia Leaves and Monk Fruit.