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Productivity Diet: What to Eat to Get More Done in a Day

Follow Along with the Article top professional diet Let’s face it! Life as a business owner, entrepreneur or top professional is not for the faint-hearted. It takes energy, commitment and dedication, in addition to big dreams, to make it big in a competitive field. There’s a lot of planning and legwork involved in earning a significant income; you must:
  • Continually prospect for clients;
  • Follow up all leads;
  • Perfect your pitches;
  • Draft proposals;
  • Work with demanding clients;
  • Be a sort of mind reader, on occasion;
  • Prepare and submit documents;
  • Negotiate contract terms;
  • Attend industry events;
  • Schedule some desk time;
  • Stay on top of trends;
  • Always be available by phone or text;
  • Respond to emails; and, finally,
  • Reserve some time for yourself and your family, and a “life.”
And then, there are the demands of professional development. It’s a tall order. If you’ve wished for the consistent power of the “energizer bunny,” you know that wishing doesn’t make it so. There are ways, however, to harness all that latent power to maximize your productivity. It can be easier than you think to improve your day-to-day focus and concentration, and boost your energy, allowing you to accomplish more each day. As a top professional, you know all too well how unpredictable every day can be. Routine tasks never seem to end. It’s a case of do – do it again -- and keep on doing. Most days are anything but routine! If there were a simple formula to address all those challenges of time and energy that currently plague you, would you be interested?

Becoming a Better You

Do you want to be the kind of person who is always up for a new task or an evening of fun, who isn't deterred by disappointment, who is unfazed by stress? Do you want to glide through each day with a smile, full of confidence that the future will turn out just the way you planned? Have you ever wondered if some people are simply born that way, or if there are specific things you can do to enable those attitudes? If you ask around, chances are that those achievers -- the people you admire -- would say something like:  "I eat real food, I get enough sleep, I exercise regularly.” They might add, “I enjoy my life, and I work hard to achieve my goals.” That really doesn't tell you anything specific, does it? You try to do all that too, right? If you're often tired, discouraged, and not on your “A Game,” we understand. The answer to your dilemma, though, contains a basic principle that the scientific community has acknowledged for generations. Grandma knew it too! You've heard it before, perhaps endlessly: "You are what you eat." Modern science confirms that the food we consume is the primary building block of a successful life. And, arguably, the most vital ingredient is protein.

professional diet fast foodTake Charge of Your Habits

As a busy professional, you know that schedules are often thrown to the winds: You’re running late, so breakfast means coffee from the nearest drive-through window. A client calls unexpectedly, and you agree to arrange a meeting during the lunch hour. Another missed meal. To combat that mid-afternoon sinking spell, you opt for another tall coffee, or a sugary soft drink, accompanied by something sweet and gooey for extra energy. Then, chances are, you’re too tired to cook a healthy dinner, so you grab a quick burger and a beer with friends before heading home to catch up on paperwork. Your daily routine is, too often, one of “no routine.” Perhaps nomadic tribes and ancient hunter-gatherers instinctively knew the formula to keep body and mind in sync, and energized for the rigors they faced. Life then wasn’t easy, and few, if any of us, would trade modern convenience for that kind of existence. However, we can all take lessons from the past and apply them, with a little help from science and technology, to enrich our 21st Century lifestyle. It needn't be a struggle; you don't need to feel trapped by chaos and stress. You can get beyond the caffeine and "energy bar" routine. If you're in an unpredictable, people-centered service career, here's what you need to know.

Harness the Power of Protein

The food we consume is the fuel our bodies need to keep going. The right fuel can work wonders, supercharge your energy, improve brain function and motivation, boost your spirits and lead you to a better future! If you’ve attended motivational seminars, you understand that mental and physical prowess are related. What you may not have connected — at least, until now — is that health and wealth are also intertwined. Eat right, and lasting wellness is the result. Neglect your body, and optimum performance is virtually impossible. That’s not the path to success and financial freedom. All the motivational seminars in the world won’t help if you’re always tired. You can't reach your goals when you run out of physical and mental energy halfway through the day.

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Change the way you eat, and you'll find the changes in your life amazing. The right kind of sustenance is the catalyst for all the good things in life, both on the job and when you’re “off duty.” Eating right will:
  • Contribute to abundant energy;
  • Create a positive attitude;
  • Enhance creativity;
  • Improve mental clarity;
  • Allow you to focus on the task at hand, and put aside worry;
  • Aid concentration;
  • Combat mental and physical fatigue;
  • Improve your overall health;
  • Help with perseverance; and
  • Confirm your will to succeed.
If you eat right and are more productive, the financial rewards follow. Is it worth a try?

entrepreneur healthy breakfastThe Most Important Meal

Mom may have counseled that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you’d rather indulge yourself with a few extra minutes of sleep, you can at least start your day with a nutritious smoothie, a quick scrambled or boiled egg, yogurt or cottage cheese and fresh fruit.  Get some protein in your body first thing in the morning! There are plenty of great breakfast foods -- avocado with its healthy fat, bananas, mangoes and berries with super nutritional power and anti-oxidant qualities, a quick protein shake for those times when you just don't have time to eat. Forgo the drive-through window, the tall latte, and the tempting sugar-filled muffin. Your body, and you mind, will thank you! Remember, it's the protein that gives you a good start for your day!

The Power of Protein

Consume protein. You are no doubt aware of basic food groups, recommended daily allowances, the food pyramid, and current USDA “Choose Your Plate” recommendations. If you haven’t yet found an eating plan that's easy to stick to and highly effective, it may be that you’re still not eating enough protein. Protein does not necessarily mean upping your intake of red meat, and eating more protein will not add unwanted pounds. What additional protein will do is ensure your health, boost your energy and productivity, improve your attitude, and enrich your life. Protein is brain food, and who doesn't want a stronger brain? Protein is also the primary nutritional ingredient of healthy blood, bone, muscle, cartilage and skin. It's absolutely necessary to build a better life.

The Wisdom of Snacking

Snack your way through the day! But choose the right kind of snacks! If you regularly have to cancel lunch dates, or miss dinner because of late afternoon or early evening showings, substitute a series of “mini-meals” to satisfy your hunger, reduce your cravings, up your energy quotient and cleanse and refresh your mind. YOUMAXA’s protein shake is high on the list of potent and beneficial dietary choices! healthy snack almondsOther great, portable high-protein snacks include:
  • Jerky
  • Greek yogurt
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Celery sticks with peanut butter
  • Smoked almonds
  • Trail mix
  • Tuna, salmon or shrimp
  • Hummus and veggies, or roasted chickpeas
  • Cottage cheese
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Lentil Salad
  • Veggies and guacamole
  • Egg muffins
  • Cheese slices
Keep variations and combinations of all these high-protein options handy for meals on the run or hearty pick-me-ups on a busy day. Instead of making a stop for "fast food," visit a local grocery and shop the perimeter: Fresh fruit, cheese, mixed nuts or sunflower seeds, along with a cup of yogurt will do much for you than a quick burger or a double dose of caffeine and a chocolate cookie. Eating well is a habit that must be cultivated; luckily, today it's not difficult to maintain a diet rich in protein. For those days that you're too busy to prepare a meal or even shop for snacks, simply mix and sip a nutritious and delicious protein shake. It's a modern and sustainable alternative. Once you recognize the life changes that a change in diet can make, there will be no turning back. The new you will be well-equipped to meet the challenges of a busy career. The impressive return on this investment in yourself -- better health, attitude and productivity -- is reason enough to begin today. You'll find it easier to start each day with high expectations, juggle all those daily obligations, benefit from improved concentration and enthusiasm, and achieve the goals you set for yourself. Go ahead and dream those big dreams! They can come true, and that's what's really important, after all, isn't it?

Are you ready to play at your personal best all day…

And then come home to your loved ones feeling purposeful, positive and present?
Let’s begin. Right here. Right now.

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