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Attention Real Estate Pros - The Ins (and Outs) of POSITIVE INPUT Premium Protein Ingredients

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Tell me if this sounds familiar...
  • Have you ever skipped breakfast?
  • Have you ever settled for the nearest food like substance out of “hanger”?
  • Ever had a day that started great, but by midday your energy and productivity levels where in the red?
The surprising truth is our energy, our productivity and our success all start with one thing: The foods we put into our bodies. I get it. We are busy, working hard, but we are missing the support of superior nutrition working as hard for us.  So I started thinking, “There’s got to be a better way.” So, after months and months of:
  • diligent research
  • top expert interviewing
  • self-experimentation and assessment
I made some eye opening discoveries and designed a solution for people – just like you and I. (To read this story click here!) Welcome to the first EVER protein created for professionals by a professional. POSITIVE INPUT® ‘s unique architecture of strong, healthy foundational elements like premium plant-based protein, fibers, antioxidants, energy supporters and stress combating nutrients will sustain your performance and keep you fueled, full and satisfied for hours. Simply put—you’ll love what’s in it!

POSITIVE INPUT® contains a blend of 22 grams of powerhouse plant-based protein and other superfood ingredients designed to naturally boost your energy every day.
  • Peas are a remarkable source of protein with an excellent amino acid profile. Pea protein is gentle on the digestive system and kind to those of us with sensitivities to dairy, eggs or animal-based proteins.
  • Chia seeds are tiny, nutrient-dense power foods that contain an impressive amount of protein and fiber. The ancient Aztecs used chia seeds to feed their people, armies and runners because they offer such lasting energy. We’ve harnessed the ancient power of these tiny seeds to power-fuel your modern lifestyle.
  • Sacha inchi boasts a big flavor and even bigger nutrition. Sacha inchi is packed with protein and health restoring Omega-3 fatty acids, plus a range of essential minerals and nutrients. Growing abundantly on perennial vines, this superfood has sustained indigenous populations for centuries. Power up your life with the most nutritious and robust plant-based proteins in existence!
  • Ashwagandha is your best friend in the herb world. It has been used for centuries as a marvelous adaptogenic herb. Adaptogens are functional herbs that literally adapt to be proactive or reactive to your daily biology. So ashwagandha can reduce your stress by naturally balancing your hormones and lowering cortisol, the stress hormone. Ashwagandha is your new best bud and always has your back!
  • D-Ribose, like a great coach, it sparks a level of lasting and unstoppable energy! It is a vital molecule found in every single cell of the human body. That’s how important it is to our existence. D-Ribose enables us to make the essential energy conversion from ADP to ATP for every cell, every day. No D-Ribose, no conversion. No Conversion, No oomph! This key energy coach sustains your peak energy and productivity every day!
  • Green tea is the bodyguard for our well-being. These tea leaves are naturally infused with bio-active compounds called polyphenols that guard against damage that free radicals can cause to our cells through toxins and pollutants in water, air and food. Free radicals produce oxidative stress, the type of stress that exists inside our cells and deep inside our bodies. It not only damages our cells, but lands punches directly to our DNA, leading to loss of function, chronic disease, brain damage and accelerated aging. “Guard yourself with the world champion antioxidant that know how to block every punch.”
  • L-Glutamine is our gut-checker . It is an amino acid and a vital supplier of fuel energy for your immune system and gut cells. Our gut is in fact referred to as our second brain. So when L-Glutamine is in the red, both our gut and brain suffer together and don’t perform at their best. While our bodies can make L-Glutamine from our internal machinery, under stressful conditions and high performance demands our body’s essential need can outpace its’ supply. Optimizing our L-Glutamine guards your gut, boosts your immune system and primes you for peak mental performance and productivity.

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Give your body and your brain the boost it deserves to:
  • Run your business like a mogul!
  • Focus like a visionary!
  • To get fit like an elite athlete!
  • Keep up with your kids... like a kid!



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